The term Agora designates a place for trades and wisdom in the centre of a city. Similarly, Agora Arts Circle aims to exchange creative knowledge, challenge our perception of our communal surroundings, and approach contemporary art and new mediums with serious lightness. 

Agora Arts Circle is a hub of brainpower and creative energy composed of several branches. Agora Arts Circle is a project space, an exchange platform and a social enterprise empowering the arts. While they often interlink, our projects all belong to one of the above categories to assure that we bring quality artistically as much as socially.

Agora Arts Circle aims to support emerging practitioners with diverse ranges of artistic practice and to engage our audiences, which varies from the newly curious to the experts and the youngest the oldest. Through these connections, our goal is to facilitate fellowships and create new projects, in a mutually beneficial partnership.


About Us

Founded in 2017 by Marie Bidegaray and Raluca Damsa, Agora Arts Circle is an organisation based in south London at the Scratch Hub, Battersea Arts Centre.


I am the co-founder of Agora Arts Circle. 

I studied Fine Art, Art History and Visual Culture Theory at Kingston University and Goldsmiths University. Alongside my studies, I worked in the art world. I occupied different roles from gallery assistant, project coordinator, gallery manager and so on.  

I co-founded Agora Arts Circle because I wanted to create a constantly evolving structure to respond to the emerging creatives needs and open the arts to a wider audience.  



I am the co-founder of Agora Arts Circle. 

I completed a BA in Communication and Public Relations at UBB. Since then I have worked in London for various organisations, private artist studios and galleries. My passion for the arts and people led me in particular to study social media and its uses. 

Art has the power to push people to reconsider their surroundings, I co-founded Agora Arts Circle to nurture a place for people to connect and share ideas. 


I am Agora Arts Circle’s assistant administrator.

I studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England and Typography at London College of Communication. I have worked as a gallery coordinator and as a freelance illustrator, designer and artist amongst other positions within the arts.

Community and the arts play a huge role in my life. I joined Agora Arts Circle to support emerging artists and help them connect with local communities.