About us 

General statements

The term Agora designates a place for trades and wisdom in the centre of a city. Similarly, Agora Arts Circle aims to exchange creative knowledge, challenge our perception of our communal surroundings, and approach contemporary art and new mediums with serious lightness/ Joy, passion and rigour.

Agora Arts Circle is a hub of brain power and energy composed of various branches.

We are an interactive gallery which supports young artists and is interested in all forms of art.

We are a platform for exchange and knowledge which offers classes taught by artists for all as sell as a space for seminars, debates and so on.

We are a springboard for your ideas, for you and your organisation to create a creative and educational project that suits you.

Agora Arts Circle is open to everyone, from the newly curious to the experts, from the early ages to the oldest and any cultural fields.

We are a community; you make us who we are, so don’t be a stranger! Contact us!


New mission statement


Agora Arts Circle is an organisation aiming to support emerging artists from all backgrounds and to bring the arts to a wider audience.


We are composed of three main branches: A Project Space, an exchange platform and a social enterprise.

While they often interlink, our projects all belong to one of the above categories to assure that we bring quality artistically as much as socially.