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Doddington Mural


Following the relocalisation of WCDAS Battersea to the Doddington Estate, the resident's associations requested that a mural cover the full length of the façade facing the communal square.  

After a few meetings, Agora Arts Circle, the community representatives and Wandsworth council agreed on a brief and selected two artists thanks to an open call.  

A series of consultations were held in the spring of 2018 to gather ideas from the local residents. The leading artists used, translated the collected information into two possible designs. However, as some residents had mentioned their opposition to the mural a “No Mural” option was given.  

The vote lasted three weeks, two ballots were available in Tesco and the local library, an event was held weekly and an online form was heavily shared through the resident associations and social media.  

A date is too be confirmed for the realisation of the mural. This will take place over a weekend to offer people a chance to participate to the painting.  

If interested, please contact  

The leading artists are Karimah Hassan and William Redgrove 

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