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Little People Big Ideas Year One


Wandsworth Arts Fringe is a fantastic festival; unfortunately, the local council estates do not necessarily engage with the wide range of events.   

Nina Dei, the head of the junior club at Providence House and Agora Arts Circle created Little People Big ideas, a platform for the junior club, their families and other members of Providence House to enter the festival and develop further collaboration with other fringe organisers.  

During the project over 30 children met weekly with artists twice to realise a series of five exhibitions. They chose which medium they wanted to explore and decided to work with light, space and sound.   

To nurture their imagination, develop their self-esteem and foster independent thinking, a series of interactive lectures and hands-on workshops were held. Discovering a variety of artists, groups were formed to realise a series of ins from sound, a lightbox, sculptures to 3D paintings.    

During the Fringe, for one day only, the community centre became a gallery and hosted 15 artist-led workshops and a spectacle alongside food and much more. The event was a resounding success, besides, thanks to Nina Dei, groups participated in other Fringe events.   

Project sponsored by Providence House

Event supported by Art Placebo