Artist Spotlight

Each week we like to highlight the wonderful and creatives artists we work and collaborate with. Check out our spotlight of the week below!


A survey has been created for us to better understand what is expected from an organisation like us. Follow the link below to let us know your thoughts and ideas.

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ASYMBAL is a collaborative project by William Redgrove and Marcus Foster that explores the bringing together of communities and culture to form a new kind of visual language. Alongside a display of works, a series of events will take place at ArtLacuna that play on the themes developed by the artists.

The gallery will house talks, performances and screenings by emerging artists, turning the project space into a hub for discourse and a celebration of creativity.

On display in the permanent exhibition is the realisation of an artwork that has been developed over a series of six workshops within the local community. These workshops involved varied members of the wider community and highlighted the importance of the creative processes.


Getting out there is designed to encourage students across courses, disciplines, course level, and sites to come together and share, debate, and encourage one another’s practice.  

Led by Agora Arts Circle at London College of Communication, the program will consist of a series of workshops, talk, work exchange and live networking exercise.  

We will host two public networking events on the 3rd of December 2018 and the 4th of February 2019. 

Please follow @agoraartscircle or contact info@agoraartscircle.com if you would like to receive further information. 

Project led by Marie Bidegaray with the support of William Redgrove and Johanna Ellison.